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  • Consulting Information (with samples)
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  • Training information (with samples) – for both in the civic/social sphere and the faith-based community
  • Information on Art Healing Workshops through A Window Between Worlds


I. Contact Information to Request Christy

Are you interested in bringing Christy in for a consultation, speaking event, training, or art healing workshop?

Contact is available here

II. Access Dr. Sim’s unpublished resources and research:

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III. Download a Brochure

Full 2-page Brochure Available here: Brochure – Dr Christy Sim PDF and here: Brochure – Dr Christy Sim

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IV. Basic Information and Documents:

Curriculum vitae, 2017, Dr Christy Sim – Dec 2017

Dr Christy Sim Bio, Oct 2017 Shortened


V. Sample Video of Christy speaking and presenting


VI. Consulting Information

Sample Prior Consults:





Consultation with staff member at  Relationships Australia (Perth, Western Australia). Resources provided for understanding common trauma responses and expected victim behavior for the organization’s work in their Men’s Domestic Violence Program and Family Abuse Integrated Response (FAIR) programs.
Consultation with (anonymous) college professor. Provided resources on mindfulness, meditation, and healing opportunities after traumatic experiences.
Consultation with member of InterVarsity (the nondenominational campus project). Provided resources on Campus Sexual Assault for their University chapters across the nation. This included providing resources in: How to work with survivors in order not to victimize again and how to train people desiring to work in the field of sexual assault.
Consult with LSMW and professor at Wichita State University. Provided LGBTQ and Intimate Partner Violence resources
Consultation with (anonymous) blogger with 18,000 followers. Provided a framework for understanding the experience of sexual assault. Helped formulate how to be trauma-informed and survivor-centered.
Worked with a sub-committee that focuses on spiritual education for children, youth, and adults Facilitated a meeting where the focus was on writing a mission/vision statement
PhD students (all but dissertation) Advising which direction studies and research could go for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (with guidance on best practices and care when researching vulnerable population).
Consultation with Hope Rising (an organization that focuses on meeting domestic violence needs) Provided stalking resources (logs, statistics, information, and guidance) for their work with a play on stalking.


VII. Information on Speaking Opportunities:

Sample Topic Options:

  1. Anger and Violence: Transforming Anger like Chemistry Class (first presented at the Talking Taboo book signing event at St. Paul’s School of Theology).
  2. Priscilla the Land Shark: What does Healing Look Like? (first presented at the Evening of Empowerment for Crime Victims in Collin County).

(Photos: Christy as an event Keynote Speaker and Speaking at a Conference)

(Photos: Christy speaking at Collin College and Presenting at Texas Plano Health)


VIII. Teaching and Training:

Sample Presentation Slides: Dr. Christy Sim’s Basic PPT Presentation

Sample Agenda for Crisis Response Training: DrChristySim Day Training Schedule

A. Sample Faith-Based Training Options (with links to Christian Feminism Today’s Speaker’s Bureau):

  1. Ethical and Healing Responses to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  2. Mental Health and Self-Care: Responding to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault with Art and Writing
  3. The Voice and Role of Faith Communities Responding to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

B. Sample Civil/Social Training Options:

  1. Understanding the Science of Trauma and Healing: What is happening in the brain and body?
  2. A Professional’s Guide to Taking Care of Yourself During Someone Else’s Crisis
  3.  Healing After Trauma: Mindfulness in Art, Writing, Body Movement, and Awareness Exercises

(Photos: Christy Training at Texas Plano Health to Nurses and Health Professionals and Christy Speaking at Collin College for a training on Neurobiology)



VI. Art Healing Workshops:

Christy is certified and trained by A Window Between Worlds to offer Trauma Art Healing Workshops for both survivors and professionals.

For a sample workshop for professionals, click here. For a sample workshop for survivors, click here.