Some of the articles already on this website might be helpful for healing. Here are some quick links:

  1. The Art of Zentangle: A Tool for Healing
  2. Understanding how the Brain Responds in Trauma: Neurons Firing and Wiring
  3. Transforming Anger



In my doctorate research I organized healing tools into four categories. These four divisions were:

  1. Art and Creative
  2. Writing
  3. Body Movement
  4. Analyzing and Awareness Building

Not everyone enjoys art or writing. Some people do not enjoy exercising or analyzing for healing. But nearly everyone can find a way to enjoy at least one of the four activities.

I proposed in my research the goal to thriving after violence is to PLAY your way to healing. In other words, find what is fun for you.

Below are different ideas for healing divided by the four categories of my research:



In the Playroom


Art Instructions

Coloring Pages:

Coloring Pages for Adults

Mandala Coloring Pages

Dover Coloring Samples

Art Journal:


Woke up with Ideas



52 Ideas

Journal Prompts

Writing and Healing

On Grief

Box for Writing

Collage Writing

Cluster Writing



10 Mood Benefits of Exercise

Yoga Videos


From Janina Fisher, Samples

An Interactive Flow Chart for Self-Care

The “Everything is Awful and I Want to Give Up” Sheet: Questions to Ask

Therapist Aid: Worksheets on everything from time management to grieving to boundaries

Inspiration Worksheet

Thinking Behaviors



What are some of your favorite ways to play and heal?